May 5th, 2014

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A Kurt/Quinn Fic


I read a fic years ago that was about Kurt getting drunk at a party and accidentally sleeping with her. She ends up getting pregnant from it and from what I remember, she still tells Finn that the baby is his before Kurt finds/figures out. Quinn ends up getting kicked out of her house and she moves in with the Hummels while she's pregnant. I remember Kurt wants to get married to her just because of the baby, and I do remember Quinn smacking him at one point.

I would love if someone could find a link to that story. I'm almost positive it was in FFN, but I can't be sure. Thank you for your help!


Pezberry endgame

Im looking for a story I had read a while ago in Here are some facts: Quinn and Rachel are married. Quinn is abusive. Quinn and Rachel have two children. One girl and one boy. The boy is named Gabriel. Quinn and Santana are g!p. Santana has the hots for Rachel and when Rach leaves Quinn they go out but I dont know how that ends. Quinn has a kid. With Britney I think. Santana left Brit because she had someones baby (she didnt know who it was), but she finds out more or less when the kid arrives that its not hers. Quinn and Santana are buisness partners in a law firm. I think they own it. Repeated noncon quinn/rachel. I think it was pezberry endgame. Rachel and Santana sleep together once, when someone fights with their gf, and I think Quinn finds out about it and is the main cause for violent acts, seen as how it was the only fuckup she made. The story, I think, skips through time, either going present/past or x years before/present...idk. Its a long story. I dont know how many chapters, but def more than fifteen.
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Kurt-centric Blaine-bashing stories

I'm looking for exactly what it says above - Kurt-centric Blaine-bashing stories, like break-up fics, infidelity fics, or fics where Kurt realizes Blaine is not as awesome as he thought. Pairings, rating, genres don't matter to me as long as the story is complete.

I have read all of obsessivecompulsivereadr's stories, so no need to rec them