May 3rd, 2014

Specific Klaine story

Hey! I was thinking of this fic the other day but I can't find it anywhere - pretty sure I've read it on FF though.

Blaine and Kurt's families have been friends since before the two were born, and Blaine is two years older. The two have been best friends since forever, Blaine being a big brother at first to Kurt but things changed. I think they started dating in high school, and went long distance when Kurt went to college in New York. I remember in the end we find out that Blaine became a firefighter. Ringing any bells?

Also, if you have any other fic recs of this type, they're welcome!

Faberry fics

Hi I'm looking for a Faberry fanfiction where Rachel is in a mental facility, or a hospital of some sort. I don't remember if Quinn is there too or if she is a volunteer. Santana and Brittany are either nurses or doctors or possibly they are in the hospital as well. Finn is a janitor there, I think he hurts Rachel or comes into her room at night I don't remember fully. Those are all the details I can remember. Thanks for any help!

Thought of a second story I can't find. One where Quinn and Santana have super powers. Rachel doesn't have any but a woman comes to talk to her about the blood test they did to check for powers. They want her to come take tests. I think Quinn controls ice or reads minds I can't recall. Thanks guys!

Kurt/Girls-ND ----- Kurt is not gay, Kurt likes to be in control and the girls are very bossy

I read this prompt again, I remember she tinh at least one chapter written, I do not know if the author finished, but I want to read it again, if only the first chapter, it does not get out of my head.

ND girls think Kurt is not gay, Kurt likes to be in control and the girls are very bossy, so Kurt never seen interest in them taking him believe that he is gay, so Santana proposes that girls (Quinn, Tina, Santana, Rachel and Brittany) that they use vibrators and mini skirt, they find Kurt playing piano in the choir room when the school already almost closed, they put control of vibrators on the piano and Kurt're like: wtf, and santana explains what is happening, that each control corresponds to a vibrator into girls ... Kurt is receiose at first but ends up accepting and enjoying the show.

Who knows anything like that (Kurt and some girl nd, other than Rachel or bottom! Kurt) I thank you.