May 1st, 2014

Kurt/Blaine and Kurt/Puck

1)I think its Like A 5 time story. Kurt is still at Dalton, and dating Blaine. The first time Kurt comes to see the new direction sad, he and Blaine got in a fight, but the he picks Kurt up and everything is good. I don't remember the other ones. But the 5th time Kurt comes to see the new direction. He wouldn't look up at them. when he does everyone sees that half of his face is bruised. He says the he and Blaine got in a fight but, Blaine didn't hit him. He just got pushed to a wall. I think Kurt says that he loves Blaine but doesn't know what to do. I think Quinn was holding Kurt (Blaine was calling him) As some of the guys(and Santana) wanted to hurt Blaine (they don't)

2) Puck is a business man. Kurt and him have a one night stand, Kurt gets pregnant but doesn't tell Puck (I think Kurt works for him). Puck is being forced to marry Santana (for money) she says she's pregnant (she's not and no one likes her). Some how the true comes out that Kurt is pregnant with Puck's baby. I think they date? Santana kidnapped Kurt and tells him to brake up with Puck. Kurt ends up telling Puck that the baby isn't even his, he just went after Puck for money and that's not working out as the business is failing. In the end Puck finds out about Santana. The business works out, and everything is happy.

Dalton!Kurt and Blaine in a closet

Okay, so I'm looking for a specific story where Kurt is still at Dalton and I think him and Blaine like each other but haven't admitted it. Either the Warblers decide to lock Kurt and Blaine in this storage closet that's really small or they were playing hide and seek and accidentally got trapped. I remember the story mentioning boxes of sheet music and a lot of dust. But the Warblers forget or can't find them and they're stuck in the closet for a few days (I think over the weekend). I remember Blaine finding these water bottles and they ration it out but Blaine secretly gives more to Kurt. They're both very very sick by the end and there's a short hospital stay where (I think) they admit their feelings. It has a happy ending. Any help finding this would be much appreciated! Thanks!