April 18th, 2014

Kurt + Sports

Hi! I'm looking for any fics that deal with Kurt playing/being a part of a sport.

1) I remember reading a story where Kurt-at-Dalton was a fencer


2) Kurt-at-Dalton played soccer and he was really good but his dad thought he was just a benchwarmer or something.

But any other sporty!Kurt recs would be awesome too! Thanks!

Samchel fic.

Hey guys, I'm desperately searching for a fic where Finn and Rachel bring back Sam to help out ND. Sam moves in with Rachel and her dads and of course one thing leads to another and BAM! Samchel lol it's defiantly a M story and I remember Sam and Rachel sharing a bathroom and teasing each other with various stages of undress while getting ready. There was also a sequel where Sam is still in high school but Rachel is in NY. Thanks for the help!

In character fic with Karovsky?

Hi! I'm basically looking for an in character fic featuring Karovsky in some way. Preferably he is force to join the Glee flub or something. A fic similar to 'This Isn't Hogwarts'. Can be gen, het, slash, femslash, whatwvter. As long as it is Klaine and definitely NOT Kurtkovsky.

Anybody have anything in mind?

Klaine/The devil wears Prada

Hey, I'm looking for a fic with a Klaine paring where Sam, Quinn and Blaine work for Kurt (he is editor in chief?) I remember a scene when Blaine asks Kurt to be nice with employees employees. There was a time when Kurt compliments Quinn on his shoes.
Any help would be great :)

Puckleberry fic

Hi im looking for a Puckleberry fic I read on ffn. In this story Rachel's dads were super strict with her grades and she was having a hard time in either math or science and Puck offered to help her.

Puck also gets Rachel to rebel a bit and she sneaks out with him to go to an abandoned hospital/mental institution, the cops almost catch them but he ends up letting them go because he caught them making out in Puck's truck.

Rachel gets grounded at one point for cusing at her dad's but Puck convinces them to let her iut for one night to go to a carnival.

Any help would be very appreciated, I really wish I could remember the name.