April 6th, 2014

Glee/RPS recs please ?

HI !

I'm fairly new to the Glee fandom but I was wondering if there are any Glee/RPS crossovers archive or rec-list or LJ community somewhere.
Or maybe if you could rec me individual stories if there aren't such websites.
I'm specifically looking for any and all stories where the main pairing is Kurt/Darren or Chris/Blaine or even Kurt/Chris or Blaine/Darren (weirder things have happen in this fandom I'm sure)
Or even a threesome or foursome between those characters and those persons.
Well, you get the idea, right ? :)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.


PS : i hope I tagged this properly. And, by the way, sorry about my icon : as I said I'm fairly new to this fandom and I haven't taken the time to look for an icon yet. But come on, it's definitely not unpleasant to look at Jared Padalecki's smile right ? :)

Klaine recs!

Hey guys. I'm looking for any fic where Klaine dislike each other (or just Kurt who dislikes Blaine) at the start, but then they begin to like each other (and if course, fall in love).

I prefer Klaine as the main pairing, but any other background pairing is fine.

Also, don't care if it's a drabble or if it's 20 chapters long.

Thank you! (: (And sorry if I'm missing a tag, I'm on my phone)

Kurt Fanfic - Not in glee club, then joins


I'm searching for any fics where Kurt isn't in glee club, maybe because he's shy, he stays invisible, he's in the band etc. but then later joins up, maybe when the club finds out he can sing. If anyone knows of any like this, or vaguely along the same lines, will you rec them, please? It doesn't matter if they're slash, gen, or whatever, as long as they're Kurt-centric!
Thank you in advance!

Fic Puckurt, they have a daughter and dating before glee

I read this fic and I really wanted to read it again:
It was a Puckurt, Kurt was at Dalton and warblers during a meeting, Kurt receives a visit from a little girl who then everyone knows that's his daughter, shortly after aperece Puck and Kurt fight with him for leaving their daughter alone, but their daughter says something like "Dad told me to follow the music." Only Nick and Jeff knew that Kurt tava dating Puck and had a daughter with him.
If I'm not mistaken, is a sequel to the New directons discovering their relationship and daughter, but I do not know if this is a different fic.

Sorry grammatical errors, but English is not my language.

If you have any fic with something, I would be very grateful
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I'm looking for a fic I read about a year ago and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Either Nick or Jeff had epilepsy. They both go to Dalton. It might have been a KurtxBlaine fic but Nick and Jeff played a main role in the story. I remember a scene when the are performing at Nick or Jeff's house and one of them has a seizure on stage and their parents are not impressed.
Any help would be great :)