March 8th, 2014

Kurt/Sam and Kurt/Blaine and Sam/Blaine Fanfic?

Blaine forces Kurt into prostitution I think for rent issues and Kurt becomes sort of okay with it but then Blaine brings Sam in to live with him to 'help with rent' or something. He makes Sam think they are a couple and Kurt hates Sam until he sees Sam is being treated badly by the Johns and then they fall in love and leave Blaine?
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Kurt/Blaine fanfic search

Hi there

I have been trying to find this particular klaine fanfic with no such luck:
- set in senior year with Kurt in McKinely HS and can't remember if Blaine was in Dalton or in McKinley
- kurt and blaine are in a relationship
- Kurt is still not getting solos in New Direction (I'm pretty sure Rachel is still being a diva in this story)
- kurt was either headhunted or come across a musical touring group which ask him to join them and hopefully be their lead in the future
- kurt joined them and this was before graduating in HS
- I think at the end kurt was unable to join New Directions in the finals because he has rehearsals

I would be forever in your debt if you could help me find this fic. I have read it before and just been thinking about rereading it but can't find it now :(

Thanks very much in advance.

Found! Kurt/Blaine fic-drunken one-night stand; Blaine forgets the night, pieces it back together

From what I remember, Kurt and Blaine have a drunken one-night stand. I think the fic actually starts off with them both waking up, Kurt being sort of goofy happy (because it was amazing) and Blaine apologizing because everything is hazy. (Like he might not even remember Kurt's name?) Then Kurt realizes that he doesn’t remember their night together, so he gets hurt and leaves…

One of the parts was Blaine saying that he’ll make Kurt pancakes in the morning, and Kurt’s like “I don’t like pancakes that much” and Blaine insists… Which is why in the morning when they wake up and they talk about breakfast Kurt realizes Blaine doesn’t remember anything…

Blaine is friends with Sam. And bits of the night keep coming back to him, and he realizes how much he likes Kurt and how amazing their night was… He tries finding him, and eventually remembers Kurt’s favourite coffee shop or something and meets him there. Blaine's got a line of "I'm sorry I took so long." at the end.

I've been desperately searching for it- any help is so appreciated! Thank you!

Edit: Someone found it! It's actually a section from now I know my ABCs (next time won't you sing with me) by VilliageIdiot. Link is here:

Just scroll down to "Tequila Makes My Clothes Come Off"