March 7th, 2014


Puck/Sam/Kurt roadtrip fic

Puck and Sam are going on a roadtrip.  They stop by Hummels first to get tires or make sure the car is working ok, or something like that and on a whim they invite Kurt to join them.

There are some misunderstandings and some angst in the middle where Kurt almost leaves them and finds his own way home.

I remember towards the end there is sex in a hotel in Vegas.

PuckRachelSmile (by driftingaway)

Puck/Rachel fic

I've been trying to find this story for a while now, but no matter where I ask about it no one seems to know what I'm referring to. Hopefully someone here will recognize it.. :)

I'm pretty sure this is a one-shot, but I could be wrong. I think it starts with Puck finally packing up his stuff and leaving Lima, long after high school, and moving to NYC. He ends up getting a job in a music store and running into Rachel. Since he doesn't have a permanent place to live, and she's kinda lonely, she invites him to stay with her. It starts as a roommate situation but turns into more. I do remember that the story also has a count of the days that go by between the time he moves in with her and when they finally get their happily ever after.

Like I said, I think it's a one shot, but I could be wrong. It could also be that this is all a part of a bigger story and I just can't remember that..

Thanks in advance!

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Puckleberry fic

I read this Rachel/Puck fic on FFN Rachel and Puck are room mates they go out drinking and when they stumble back home Rachel offers puck water and when they are on the couch talking they end up sleeping together and then Rachel has a pregnancy scare because the condom broke and they don't talk for a while and then they start talking again and decide that they both like each other and give a relationship a try and it ends saying They had twins.