February 28th, 2014

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I need help finding a NickxJeff fic. All I can remember is that either Nick or Jeff is epileptic (I can't remember which one) and they don't get on with their parents. I remember the warblers had a performance at Nick or Jeff's parents house and had a fight with them.
I know its very vague but any help would be appreciated :D

Blaine takes Burt to the doctor and Kurt gets mad

I know this is very vague but I'm looking for a fic where Blaine takes Burt to the doctor, I think instead of Kurt, and Kurt gets really mad.

If I remember right Blaine was everywhere with Kurt or with Kurt his family and Kurt didn't like it but didn't tell Burt right away why he didn't?

I hope someone knows which one I'm talking about?

And are there other fics simular to this kind, where Blaine wants to get back to Kurt, tries everything, tries to be part of the Hummel family but Kurt doesn't want to?

Thank you :)

Specific Hurt Kurt story

Hey people!

So I read  story a while ago and I can't seem to find it.

So Kurt was attacked by someone (or a group of people) and he was left with limited mobility(he had to use a wheelchair) that continued to progressively get better throughout the story. Blaine was living with them at the time as well/. I also remember that later on in the story Blaine accidentally took advantage of Kurt sexually, and went hitchhiking out of guilt.

Thanks in advance!!!

Fanfiction Recs: Kurt Run Away Groom

Hello everyone ^.^
I have been listening to 'Not Getting Married Today' by Company and I was curious if there was any fanfictions where Kurt is a run away groom. It can be a one chaptered fanfiction, or it can be a multi chaptered one with him running away in the beginning and then meeting insert character here. Like what happened with Rachel in the first episode of the show Friends. The pairing doesn't matter to me. Thank you for taking the time to see this.
Ps Are the tags alright? I'm a bit paranoid of adding too many or forgetting something.
BJ kiss
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Post episode 5x01 klaine seen from another's POV future!fic


I'm looking for a fic where Blaine graduated and ended up with a job at the same place as Kurt, Santana and Rachel as a singing waiter and we see his relationship with Kurt through the eyes of the manager (Gunther?) who didn't know at 1st that they were engaged? It was a oneshot I think and quite funny and cute.
I hope someone will know what I'm talking about!

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Kurtofsky, Chicago, Acting (Stage and Film)

Kurt is living in Chicago (i think  it's Chicago.  I know it's not NYC).  He gets a part in a show (It might be Rent).  His costar is none other than Dave Karofsky.

They get together.  They have a successful run in the show and then they do a Sci-Fi film.

I think I read it on FF.N but I'm not really sure about that.

FOUND:   https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6521143/8/La-Vie-Boheme

Specific Fics And Recs

Looking for a couple of specific fics and also lots of recs.

Specific Search's
1.  Pretty sure its a soulmate/name on hand fic. Kurt is the only on in New Directions who hasnt met the person whos name is on his hand (Blaine). Kurt gets pushed out of the clubs 'couples' performance at sectional(could be regionals). Kurt is attacked in bathroom/backstage but ND still go to perform while the warblers take over the search after realising Kurt is Blaines Kurt. Blaine finds Kurt before his name is completely erased from Kurt's hand. - I've read it several times just can't seem to find it now.   FOUND           https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7177524/1/Jealous-of-the-Moon
2. Kurt is a dancer on Dancing with stars and Blaine is a band member who goes on to compete. Blaine is partnered with Rachel. At one point Kurt, Rachel and Blaine all dance together. Kurt and Blaine fall for eachother.   FOUND.         https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9892269/1/Shall-We-Dance
Also any recs where one or both is a dancer would be great.

3. Read this one ages ago so can't remember much but both Kurt and Blaine compete on Pop Idol(could be some other singing contest) but Blaine is still in the closet on the show.     FOUND.        http://archiveofourown.org/works/252276

4. Kurt and Blaine decide to adopt and get chosen by a 16 year old and get really excited/close to girl. But the girl changes her mind after only a little while and Kurt and Blaine spiral into depression. After a while they realise whats happened and start seeing a therapist and start to come together again. while on holiday (I think in France) they decide to try adoption again. This time they find a little girl was a daughter of an addict and is in the hospital still trying to recover. They eventially get to bring her home after getting really close to her NICU nurse.        FOUND.       Too in Love to Let it Go

As Many Recs as possible please
1. Fashion Designer Kurt. wouldnt mind some Model Blaine/Kurt and photographer Blaine thrown in there if any one has some good ones.

2. Would really like to find some fics where Klaine adopt older children or teens. Or have a child with special needs.

3. Teacher Blaine.

4. Kurt is attacked and is befriended by Warblers when he transfers. Would prefer New Directions being horrible to Kurt.

Greatful for any help you can give me. I know theres a lot there!