February 23rd, 2014

kadam with nd and will bashing post will's wedding

Kurt and adam are together and kurt comes back with adam to lima for burt's appt. tina and the rest of the new new directions are spying on kurt and adam. Sam is taking pictures, and tina is emailing kurt and texting his phone. I remember kurt sending an email to all the new directions about filing charges. any help? I also remember(it might be a different fic) where adam is called old.

Thanks, Michelle

think I got all the tags.

Kurt, maybe Klaine, Greek Pantheon fic recs

I'm looking for AU's where they exist in a world that still worships the Greek gods. I just started Ballads in the Sunlight this morning and it has me wanting more. The Sun From Both Sides was good too but it looks like it's been discontinued. A Klaine pairing is good but really any story that features either of them in that kind of world would be nice.


Hey everyone,

I'm just looking for any recs where Blaine is Kurt's sugar daddy. It would be nice if they still did have genuine feelings for each other, but I'm good with it if it's purely for the money. Bonus for Blaine being considerably older that Kurt. I've already read "Sweet Little Sixteen".


Sub!kurt doesn't want dom!blaine

So there's this fic I've been searching for. I think it was on ao3. Klaine are teenaged soulmates and blaine is the designated dom but Kurt feels uncomfortable and angry that he is being asked to submit to a stranger. Blaine is disappointed but works with kurt. Last I saw it was a WIP and blaine just punished kurt for the first time. The title had something to so with fate if that helps. Thank you!

Looking for 2 fics

I am looking for two fics, both were on FF.net.

The first fic I read recently. I can't remember if it was a oneshot or part of a collection of oneshots. I think it was told by Kurt's son and it was about Kurt shaving his head in memory of Blaine who had died of cancer when Klaine was 18.

The second fic I read a while ago. In it Kurt finds out that Blaine has a large number of brother, all of whom go to boarding schools or work around the country. Cooper was the oldest. There were at least 2 sets of twins, including Blaine.

Thank you!

*Second fic found. Still looking for the first.

Klaine fic

I've been looking for this fic forever. Kurt and Blaine are married, Kurt having taken Blaine's last name. He is some sort of government official needing to be gone from home for periods of time. They have a son or daughter and Kurt comes home earlier then expected and tidies up the house for Blaine. I remember that when Blaine gets home he is surprised to see the dishes done, and Blaine is shocked to see Kurt. And I remember that Wes lives in the apartment in front of theirs, with David (?). Kurt and Wes talk a little. Wes welcomes Kurt home, and Kurt says he's planning on surprising Blaine. And I remember that the doorman greets Kurt as "Mr. Anderson" in the beginning. If anyone knows if it, please!! I've been searching for it forever, with no luck.

Pretty sure I've read it on FFN.

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