February 18th, 2014

Completed supernatural kurt fics


I've just read gleefulmusings' stories (which are wonderful. If you haven't read them DO IT! Lol) and there were some great psychic/medium!kurt stories.

I think I'm addicted

It's kinda sad.

Does anyone know any completed psychic or medium kurt stories? No WIP's pleeeease and if possible I'd like there to be a relationship. (Don't care with who)

Thank you!!

hi, i need help to find a fanfic

I've read a fic 4 months ago and I can't remember it's name. I was where Blaine (i don't remember if he was a badboy) have a sister and a abusive father but he fell in love with kurt at mckingley. he moved with kurt and then he confess to kurt that his sister was really his daugther (he get a chick pregnant and she left him). then kurt accidentally told his father that and blaine left with his daugther. but i think that kurt found him at the end.

please help me to find it