February 15th, 2014

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Hunger games universe

Hi I was looking for a fic set in the Hunger Games universe in which Kurt and Finn are still brothers, and Kurt gets reaped for the Games and the following year so does Finn?

On a side note, I would also seriously love any recs of Glee fics set in the Hunger Games universe, seriously don't mind what kind of fic it is other than that.

Thanks :)
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Hey there! I'm looking for a Puckurt fic, I'm not sure if a read it in Fanfiction, but I remember a few bits of it so if someone recognize it please Help me!
*Kurt and Puck fooling around Because Finn and Quinn get back together after she gaves away Beth.
*Later Quinn getting back together with Puck because she saw how well behave was him to kurt. Resulting in Puck and Kurt breaking up.
*Puck encouraging Sam to go out with kurt and being jealous because he saw them in a date.
*Puck singing something about a ROGAINE to kurt, but Kurt misunderstanding because he toght he was declaring his love to Quinn.
*Kurt crying and Burt comforting him, later threatening Puck with a imaginary gun and Puck waiting for hours.
*Quinn talking with Kurt about Kurt winning Puck because he doesn't want her.
*Kurt reconciling with Puck outside his house by Puck's truck.

I'll be very grateful if someone Help me to find this fic because I forgot to bookmarked and I don't remember its title. Sorry if the tags aren't well I'm not quite good at that!!!!!!
Thanks in advance!!!!!!:D

Specific Dom/Sub Klaine AU Fic


So I've been looking for this fic forever (obligatory Klaine pun), but I can't seem to find it at all. All I really remember is that it was sub!Kurt and dom!Blaine, and there was this scene where Kurt was having a panic attack or something at school, and to calm him down, Blaine had to like lay on top of Kurt and press him into the mattress? It's not a lot to go on, but it's been bugging me for forever and I would love if someone knew what I'm talking about.

Thank you for your help!

Klaine future fic

Hey all, I am looking for a fic.  In it, Kurt and blaine are married and Kurt is about to celebrate a major birthday (I believe 40).  They have a daughter, and Rachel and cooper are her godparents.  Kurt starts talking about their dwindling sex life and panicking everybody.  In the end, they have the kind of sex kurt has been craving.  I believe Blaine is a broadway star.  Thanks so much in advance.