February 12th, 2014

Non-Specific Klaine fic recs..

Okay, any fics that fit these descriptions. I would prefer completed but if updated regularly I may be persuaded. :)

1. Klaine, in High School, fall in love. Their love is so real that everyone's around them knows it's meant to be. Do you get what I'm trying to say?

2. Klaine, in High School, and a bunch of cute Blaine interaction with Kurt's family...like interrogations, Burt and Finn bonding with him, etc. Just cute family stuff, even awkward situations.

3. When Blaine meets Kurt he is completely enamored with him and thinks he is the absolutely gorgeous, perfect angel that he is. Or the other way around with Kurt enamored with Blaine.

4. BANTER! I love sarcastic cute little conversations they have :)

That is all. Hugs & Klisses <3
Slash Gambit

On My Way future fic?

I was wondering if anyone has done a story with Dave/Kurt based on Dave's image/dream from "On My Way", but it actually comes true with Kurt being his partner that brings their son to his office to go to see his first football game. Has anyone written a story for that or similar?

here is link to a music vid of the scene I am asking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGO9ECXZfZs

Just wondering.

College Kurt, Teacher Blaine

I'd really like to re-read a story, but I have no idea who wrote it or where I read it. All I remember is that Blaine was, I think, a college lecturer and Kurt was in one of his classes. Blaine after a while asked the class if any of them would be interested in volunteering with some younger kids in their music lessons, it starts off with Kurt and a few other students going but soon Kurt and Blaine end up going alone a lot of the time. In the end Kurt and Blaine start a relationship. I think the story was quite long.

I hope someone can help me!
glee finders by debris_k

A not really modding related heads up:

If you're looking for fanworks deleted/removed from AO3 (or maybe even tumblr?) you can go and see if the WayBack Machine has them archived. You only need the link where the fanwork or series used to be and a good load of luck!

I only recently heard they were archiving AO3 as well otherwise I would have been all over that ages ago. Better late than never, though.