February 2nd, 2014

Seblaine one shot/short fic - Domesticity, mini Sebangst

Hi, I was looking for a oneshot/short fic I read a couple of months back that for the life of me I cannot remember the name. It's Blaine and Sebastian married, and they have two kids, a son, and a preteen-teenage daughter (names lost with name of fic honestly). But the fic goes that the daughter does something or says something, and it leads to her yelling at Sebastian some form of "You are not my dad" and Sebastian leaves for his office upset, and then the girl is super guilty and Blaine lets her stew so she realizes what she said was wrong, and at some point she goes to Sebastian's office to tell hims she loves him and he is her dad, and there is mini sebangst and blaine comfort of the insecurity kind. Super adorable and family loving, and I just wanted to show it to someone when I realized I don't even remember how I found it. Probably tumblr, and I trolled my likes, but no such luck.

Klaine secret relationship

Hey there! I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago where kurt and blaine are in a secret relationship. The were at McKinley and both in new directions. I remember every chapter was from someone else's perspective at how obvious they are or how oddly they've been acting. One chapter was from brad the piano guy's point of view. They broke up and blaine sang little lion man from Mumford and sons. I think brad gave him some advice and in the end blaine came out(I think he was in the closet) or they just became open about their relationship. Please help me find this! Thank you!

Klaine Specific and Recs

Looking for one specific search and lots of Recs. All Klaine please.

1. Specific Search - Kurt and Blaine have never met before but are both living in LA (i think). They meet at an interview/test for a modelling job. Its a year long job and involve the models pretending to get married. pretty sure the contracts are for a year and its to do with Gay marriage. Kurt and Blaine start dating nearly as soon as they meet. And get married for real when the contract is over.

As Many Recs as Possible for these next ones please! And Id love if they were Complete!

1. Kurt starts at Dalton without knowing anyone/Stays at Dalton.
   1a. Dalton boys all love Kurt, really help him come out of himself. Bonus if Kurt is injured and Blaine and the boys help.

2. Blaine not knowing anyone before he transfers to Mckinley. Hopefully based before season 3. Kurt takes him under his wing/one of the jocks takes makes friends with him and meets Kurt through them.

3. Badboy Blaine - falls in love acts differently around Kurt.

4. Soulmate Klaine - with some tell that their solmates. eg. names on hands/other parts of body, etc.

5.Famous Kurt or Blaine. would love to find some more Fashion Designer Kurt, Famous Singer songwriter Blaine.

6. On the same note Rich Kurt or Blaine.

7. Some Burt and Blaine bonding would be great aswell!

As you can probably tell Im a bit of a Klaine fan so only that pairing please.
If anyone could help with any of these that would be great!