January 28th, 2014

Secret Klaine relationship

I’m looking for fics where the New Directions don’t know about Kurt and Blaine dating and find out at some point.
I would really love Kurt and Blaine to have a secret long term relationship with people finding out at some point or Kurt/Blaine finally telling them.
They can know Blaine or he can be a complete stranger to them.
I would love the girls to ask Kurt hundreds of questions about his new found out relationship.

It could also be a fic where one person (OC) doesn’t know about the relationship and (finally) finds out. Could be a future fic.

I would love to read any fic with a storyline like this or where it’s part of a story.


Guys help me look for these fic please..

1. its a d/s fic where blaine was sold to a slavery house by his parents. then one guy wanted to appease burt and gave blaine as a gift to burt's gay son, Kurt. but Kurt and burt was never into the idea of slavery... please help me find it...

2. facebook fic where kurt made out with sam, making mercedes and blaine jealous...

HELP ME!!!! Thakss in advance...

Finn/Puck/Mike/Matt locker room foursome

I'm looking for a story where Matt, Mike and Puck are teasing Finn about joining Glee Clubin the locker room by fucking him, with Matt and Mike double-penetrating him, and Puck fucking him afterwards. I'm not sure if it was posted on livejournal or elsewhere, but I thought I'd ask.

Kurt has a Trans Daughter

Hey everyone,

I just remembered this fic I read awhile ago. In it, Kurt had an adopted transgendered daughter who was about seven years old. Blaine I think either owned or worked at a shoe store or something, or his dad owned a mall? All I really remember is that Blaine didn't question Kurt's daughter being a girl, and Kurt was really touched by that. It was only about two or three chapters long when I last read it, so I was wondering if anyone knew of it and if it has been updated since. Thanks!!!