January 22nd, 2014

klaine fic search

hello, i'm looking for a story where blaine is dating someone when he sees kurt after many years of not having any interaction. kurt's at a party where the bartender is flirting with him. he leaves with blaine, they have sex, and then blaine pretty much ignores him. the bartender and kurt start a little thing. i think his name (the bartender) is marcus? or some other m name? but really don't take that as fact. he likes kurt a lot but it's mostly just sexual for kurt, who is still hung up on blaine. they hang as "friends" and then at some point burt has a health scare and blaine comforts kurt all night. they end up together, of course, and blaine apologizes for how he's treated kurt. he just wasn't ready to admit to himself how much he still loves kurt, or something. i also remember that blaine mentions that he and kurt used to (before the fic starts, chronologically speaking) watch ab-fab.

Puck teaches Kurt to Fight

Kurt is on the football team still. Puck sees these bruises all over his body and decides to help Kurt. He takes Kurt to a warehouse where the Fight Club he always hears about is held. Puck takes Kurt to see the owner and he helps Kurt with the bruising. I remember that Puck runs a kids' class and that Kurt joins when he starts fighting. Can't remember much else.