January 7th, 2014

Finn hurting Kurt


I am looking for this fanfiction where Finn hurt Kurt. If I remember right it was because Finn thought he was protecting Kurt (from Blaine I think, not sure though) and it resulted in him strangling/or really hurting Kurt because Kurt didn't want to listen to him. Burt and Carol came in the room when Finn was hurting Kurt and Kurt had to be rushed to the hospital and I know Finn was brought to the hospital as well for a mental illness then I think.

Someone knows what I am talking about?? Thank you! :)

Specific CrissColfer

Hi!!! I read a crisscolfer story in it-could-happen.net but i forgot the title, please help me find it ...
I remember a scene where Chris was accepting an award but instead of acknowledging Will, he said I love you to Darren. They were having an affair at that time; Miarren and Chill are in an established relationship and CrissColfer was the affair... Please help me....

I also remember that either of them are engaged or something..

and if the story has an lj or fanfiction.net acct, please redirect me to it, but if it has none, it-could-haooen will do.. Thank you.

Kidnapping and forced sexual acts

I'm looking for a specific fic where Kurt, Sebastian Santana and possibly Blaine and Brittany are kidnapped and forced to perform different sexual acts everyday in return for food and things.