December 11th, 2013

Looking for specific Kurtbastian fic!

I'm looking for this kurtbastian fic that I read a while ago; I don't quite remember all the details, but here goes:

Its artist!Sebastian and he sees Kurt in the Lima Bean and is drawing him. Kurt eventually sees the drawings (by mistake I believe) and one thing leads to another and Sebastian is taking Kurt to his house to paint him nude for a school assignment (can't remember if it was just some hw, or like, a big final project or something). But yeah, Kurt comes to his house a few times and they get to know each other, have lots of sex, etc.

I hope that was enough info, cause I honestly can't remember much more than that. Please help me find this!!!


Straight!blaine specific fic!!!

I'm going I start out by saying that not only is this my first post, I'm doing it on a phone so have pity on me!

Okay so I remember a specific fic I read a few months ago. Blaine was at McKinley and dating Quinn when he met Kurt. They started dating in secret. I remember he had a stepmom that he hated for no real reason and Kurt was the only person to challenge why she was a "bitch." He also had two step siblings. On was a like thirteen year old boy who was gay and asked him if he ever thought of guys in that way. He freaked out but later Blaine was looking up gay sex details out of curiosity and the computer was found and his step brother took the blame. Another part I remeber was when he was making out with Quinn, he starting feeling her up the wrong way becauve he was imagining Kurt.
Please help me!! I can't find it!!! Thank you guys so much! Oh if it helps, it was on