November 14th, 2013

It was a Kurt/OMC Fic with Noncon and Natzis forcing Kurt to give a gun head

Hi, I'm trying to find a fanfiction I read a little while ago. It's set in season 2 and Kurt comes to Mckinley to help the glee girls with a spice girl number. Kurt is at Mercedes locker with her and Sam and Quinn when some guy hits her into a locker -I think-. He pulls out a knife and forces them into a room with Blaine who had turned up -after being dubbed Finn just incase guy with knife hates gays because Kurt and Blaine are kind of in a relationship. Turns out said guy is a Natzi and hates Black people but is okay with gays.

He ends up playing with Kurt on a table talking about how much he likes him and cutting his nipple and then the guys dad comes in and makes Kurt give head to a gun while threatening to take him with him.