November 13th, 2013



Hello, so I am looking for the fic that I remembered because of this post. It is very similar to this one, just slightly different. In the one I am thinking of, Blaine lives with a foster family that he (as far as I remember) never got along with. The situation described, where Blaine says that he is only using Kurt for sex is told from Kurt's point of view (and maybe Blaine's later, but definitely Kurt's) and Blaine was talking to Nick and Jeff, not Wes and David. The other major thing I remember about this fic is that Trent had slept with Blaine and had his heart broken but was now dating Sebastian, and that Jeff and Nick occasionally hooked up. The five of them, (Sebastian, Blaine, Trent, Nick, and Jeff) had had a very incestuous past. I also do not know if it was ever finished. Thank you for any help!