October 28th, 2013

  • neonuar

Therapist!Blaine, Kurt fantasize about dubcon/noncon

Hi, I'm looking for a specific fic. I think Blaine is a therapist but I'm not sure. Kurt has some fantasies about being forced into sex. One of them takes place in a parking lot. Some man trying to make him open the door. He tells Blaine. Later than Blaine tries something similar.

Edit: The fic is Going Under by missbeizy. But I think last part from the different story. Kurt and Blaine at the restaurant. Blaine jealous Kurt from somebody(?) In the parking lot they have sex (rough and includes sort of claiming) At first, Kurt worry about somebody will see, but also he enjoys. Any help?

Kurt/unknown bdsm fic in which his dom is accused of abuse and gets arrested.

Kurt and some male (I don't remember who.. Blaine, Sebastian, or Puck are likely candidates) have a D/s relationship and the neighbor's see bruises on Kurt's wrists and report his Dom for abuse. The Dom is arrested and there's a court battle and no one cares when Kurt says it's all consensual. I don't remember the details, really, but that should be enough to remember it if you've read it.
  • eloriee

Kurtbastian oneshot, hook up at Scandal

Hi, I’m looking for a Kurtbastian oneshot. Blaine and Kurt have been broken up for a while, and they go to Scandal together as friends. Blaine finds some guy to hook up with, and Kurt is just leaving when he meets Sebastian.

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