October 21st, 2013

Help! Klaine Fic!

Please Hep me find these Fictions


fiction 1 and 2 are in facebook style..

1. i read it last year so my memories were very vague but i remember one scene (conversation) when, during a warbler/new direction party, blaine was drinking and sulking because he saw kurt and sam making out. and it made mercedes furious and angry at kurt. this in turn, made blaine confess his feelings to kurt.

2. another facebook fiction, again i read it last year, so i just remembered only a part of it... i think jeff or nick posted a video of the warbler/new direction party where kurt and blaine are getting their mack on and burt commented on it..

-----i dont know if 1 and 2 are in the same fiction.. haha

3. blaine and rachel were invited to the hudmel friday night dinner and rachel tried to "compete" with blaine becuase she feels left out.

4. blaine cheats on Kurt with sebastian. i remember a scene where kurt burn their picture because he found out that blaine had an illness for having sex with seb

5. blaine started a blog to vent his feelings for kurt after the break up


6. and ould anyone recommend me mpreg klaine fic, where blaine or kurt dets pregnant after the break up episode..

7. jealous blaine over adam crawfod

8. SUPERNaTUraL crossover

please help me.. Thank You!!

EDIT: Found number 3, but i'm still hoping you could help me with the other fanfics.. thank you...

Klaine fic with Doctor!Blaine and age difference

So Kurt is still in High School. One day he feels sick and has to go to the doctor, but instead of his usual one he finds Blaine. He starts faking sick because he wants to see Blaine again and I don't remember how it happens but Blaine starts reciprocating Kurt's feelings and in the end they fall in love. Burt discovers it and everything. I hope my tags aren't too messed up! Thanks in advance ^^

Klaine fic - Blaine dies in car accident and Kurt was driving (+possible ghost blaine)

Hi, looking for a fic which I'm pretty sure was on ff.net. I'm pretty sure it's based around graduation and blaine is killed in a car crash when kurt is driving. There was a lot of grieving kurt and I think he might of started hearing and maybe seeing blaine? If anyone knows the story I mean I'll be so grateful! Thanks!