October 16th, 2013

2 Kurt-centric fics recommendations

1)Ok, straight to the point. I've read almost all the non-con!Kurt-centric fanfictions on FF.net, so can anyone please recommend for me some non-con!Kurt fics which are posted on LJ.net or any other website? And i would really appreciate it if they were long and complete. Also any pairing is ok with me :)

2)If someone can please recommend any fics with Kurt suffering from any illness (Cancer for example) or mental disorder (Eating disorder,cutting,depression...etc) that would be lovely. Again, it'd be better if they were long and complete.
P.S: I know my grammar sucks, but English is actually my second language so....yeah :/

Kurt/Blaine soulmate au

Hey guys. I'm looking for a fic that was a soulmate au. Kurt and Blaine were soulmates with their names on each other's wrist but in this au, if your soulmate had sex with someone else their name would change color and you could feel it I think? Blaine starts having sex with all these people because he thinks thats all he's good for but since Kurt can feel it, Kurt thinks that he's not good enough for Blaine. I know that when they meet, it takes a while for Kurt to want to be with Blaine.

Thanks for all your help!
Glee Klaine Necking

Searching for a fic.. Kurt/blaine Au famous kurt

I am looking for a story that is an au famous Kurt fic . Kurt is a actor and is staring in a movie with Cooper and Bliane is a fan of Kurt's when he finds out that his brother is going to be filming with Kurt he writes a letter I think and the since they are filming at McKinley he gets to go to set and meet him in person. I can't remember anything else but I really hope someone recognizes it and can help me find it.