October 8th, 2013

  • dmhgbz

Fic Recs for Sam; tw: eating disorders

Again, tw: eating disorders

Yeah, so, are there any fics regarding Sam and his weight after his comments in early season 2 about his eating habits and the "flab" on his body? I'd prefer at least moderately realistic, not "oh, Sam has an ED but MAGICAL HEALING BOY/GIRLFRIEND SAVES THE DAY" or something like that.

I don't have a ship preference, any ship or gen. is fine with me. I definitely only want completed fics (either one shots or longer fics). I don't mind the ending - whether he gets help or if the fic ends with him still struggling.

(Mods, there wasn't an ED specific theme, so I picked what I thought would work. Let me know if I missed one/have too many.)

Warber (pre-sebastian) Bashing recs

I'm looking for recs that Feature Kurt is still Dalton but where the Warblers are bashed. They don't see Kurt's potential, they ignore his potential, anything really! I'd rather Sebastian not be there but I'm willing to deal with him. I just want fics where Kurt is awesome but Warblers are stick in the muds, assholes, or foolish. Please and thank you. Gen or Slash okay.