October 2nd, 2013

Klaine fic

So I am looking for a klaine fic. Blaine is a secret agent who "went rogue" and I believe adam is sent to bring him back. He had taken something, like a computer chip or something and was in hiding, where he met kurt, a chess and computer wiz. Something happened to kurt where his arm can dislocate and he has a glass contraption I like, a little like ironman. i remember blaine had taken whatever he did because he knew santana and brittany were secretly in love. The title of the fic had to do with cards; like knights and the re queen or queen of diamonds or hearts.. something like that. There is one scene where adam has kurt in the car and is like sort of pushing himself on him. I can't remember if it was recorded and blaine heard later, or he could hear what was going on as it happened. Sorry for this wonky description, but any help would be so appreciated!