September 30th, 2013

Klaine break-up (sort of cheating)

I am looking for a fic where Kurt and Blaine break up because one thinks the other cheated. At some point I can't remember if it is soon after the break up or a few years after they somehow end up talking.

One of them finds pictures of the other getting close to another Man, it later comes to light that they weren't cheating but shots from a chemistry test for a play.

Fic Rec

It's one of those days where I'm in the mood to read but I honestly don't know what I want to read....

So I'm requesting you rec me your favorite fics!
The pairing can be either Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Sebastian, Kurt/Blaine/Sebastian, Blaine/Carson, or Chris/Darren. WIP are okay, but I am asking not to include fics that deal with noncon.

Thank you in advance!

**I'm on my phone right now and I swear I spent a good ten minutes trying to get my tags right. I think I got them all, but if I messed up somewhere I apologize mods.
Slash Gambit

Looking for Friendship with Sam and Kurt.

I am looking for a few fics.

1) Sam and Kurt have a Epic Bromance, there is a line where Sam and Kurt dress up like Batman and Robin, and Azamino and Karofsky do as well and Kurt yells "Holly Fat Rolls, Batman!" ( or something like that) Help?
*Found: Sam Evans Four Steps to Getting Your Man by Loony4moony816

2) Sam and Kurt Friendship, could be pre-slash? Sam has a guardian (Brother/Uncle?) who was in the service and is working to open a gym/martial arts studio. Sam and Kurt become close and Sam helps Kurt begin to learn self defense. Sound familiar?
*Found: Ask Me To Stay by Ash Light

3)And last on is Slash with Sam/Kurt, they sing "I See the Light" from Tangled at a bar/restaurant?
* Found: Just a Little Crush by Belle Dissei

Please and Thank you for help!

Mos: hope the tags are right.