September 27th, 2013


Blaine and Kurt Engagement at Disney World

In light of recent events I am looking for a fic where new directions all go to Disney World I think with the Warblers too and Kurt and Blaine stay for an extra week and Blaine asks Kurt to marry him. I remember that Kurt knows it is going to happen and keeps thinking it is about to happen the whole trip such as at a brunch with a Cinderella slipper and Blaine tells him to stop expecting it, it will happen when he least expects it. I think it is part of a larger story and any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hurt Kurt

I'm looking for a fic its right after burt comes out of the hospital after his heartattack

Quinn tells him that the only reason his father lived was because of God. rest of the girls in glee club take turns yelling at him for still not believing in God

D/s fic??

I am looking for a fic, bit unsure of the exact details. But Kurt and Blaine are in a D/s relationship, i dont think its the norm. I am pretty sure Blaine is the sub, and well they've been having problems. Mike and Tina are in one too and Tina for some reason Kurt and Blaine are having problems so they go to Mike and Tina for help. They have done scenes together before. All i remember other than that is Blaine gets punished and Tina lets it go to far and Kurt gets super mad at her for letting Blaine get hurt and she was meant to be helping