September 26th, 2013

Torchwood - Ianto

Two Fic Search: Kurt AU's


I'm looking for two specific fan fics!

1. In the first one after Burt sees how badly young Kurt is being bullied (I think Kurt gets a broken arm) he moves to California to keep him safe. The story starts when they are forced to move back to Ohio. I think the pairing is Kurt/Blaine with Kurt/Puck friendship but I'm not 100%.

2. In the second Kurt and Blaine meet before season 2. The glee club does a fashion show in the mall and the Warblers and Blaine walk by and the quickly become friends. I remember that Blaine see's Kurt singing Rose' Turn and that is his 'blackbird' moment for Kurt.   

Kurt going to Dalton

I'm looking for a Kurt/Blaine fic, where Kurt goes to Dalton. I can't remember if it's because of the bullying he transfers. Kurt makes friends with all the Dalton boys, including a couple of twins (like Fred and George in Harry Potter - they like to make fun and jokes). Hopefully somebody knows which fic I'm talking about.


There's this fan fiction I read and can't get out of my mind. Finn's meeting Kurt for the first time and realizes he's like capital G gay (I don't think he was dating Blaine in this one, it was a different story but he might be) but his friends want to meet him and since he already told them about meeting Kurt before hand he can't get out of it

Key points:

Finn telling Quinn that he doesn't believe Kurt will be very popular and Quinn asks him why

That's really all I remember. I think it was long and had the FURT wedding included
Chris Colfer, Kurt Hummel

Specific Kurt Fic!

I'm looking for a fic where Kurt is having a sleepover in his house with some of the girls. Sue has sat up a camera in his room, so she can show Dalton/Warblers and Mckinley how awesome he is. Everyone think Kurt is in love with Blaine, but he is not. He knows Blaine is playing with him. The Warblers is on Kurt's side, i think it was... I don't know if everything is correct and sorry i don't remember more, but i hope you know the fic :)