September 15th, 2013

  • amara72

Kurt fic recs

Relatively new to Glee and while I've read a few stories, I know there's a lot I haven't seen.

Only interested in Kurt-centric stories, not stories where he just makes an appearance. Either Slash or Gen is fine.

Love Hurt/Comfort and Angst. Also have a weakness for: infantilism, mpreg (just no "boy with a vagina" cheats, please) and well-written rape recovery fic. Would also love some father-son and/or brotherly interactions with Burt and/or Finn.

In the case of slash, primary pairing of interest would be Blaine/Kurt (no "woobie!Blaine" though), but am willing to try others - though, I do prefer Puck and Sam as friends only and really not into Karofsky/Kurt. No Sebastian/Kurt (unless it's non-con or one-sided on Sebastian's part).

Not sure if there's any A/B/O (Omegaverse) fic in this fandom, but if so I'd love some Omega!Kurt recs.

There are a couple episodes where certain characters' behavior toward Kurt really bugged me, so if there are any out there, I would love to read some fic that address those actions (preferably without devolving into outright character bashing): a) Mercedes and co. in Grilled Cheesus and b) Finn and Burt in Duets.

Specific Klaine

Hey guys, so I'm looking for a fic where Blaine is at Dalton and he has never met Kurt before. He is being abused by the dean I believe, and has no one to turn to, so he goes on an online website (might be written letters I can't remember) and kurt send him a message back. They start talking that way, until the abuse gets too bad. I remember one scene, blaine and some of the warblers are in the lounge room, and kurt comes walking in, looking for blaine. As soon as kurt says who he is, blaine runs to him. A later scene is kurt confronts the dean in a stairwell and gets beat. Also, kurt sets up a facebook page to get more evidence against the dean. Sorry about this poor description, it has been a while since I read the fic.