September 5th, 2013

klaine, policeman!blaine(I think)

Hey, I'm looking for the fic where Blaine is a policeman(I think) and Kurt is a single dad (his partner died two years prior). Umm I remember that Puck was assigned as Blaine's partner and that Blaine is shot somewhere close to the end.

Hopefully I get the tags right and thanks in advanced!
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dancer skank!kurt

I am looking for a Skank!Kurt story where he is a dance student and is at the top of his class but not an integrated part of the student body; other students are think he is a teacher’s pet, although Kurt doesn't play into it or try to get in with his peers. He also goes to clubs to dance for fun which is looked down on by his peers. His sophomore year Blaine enters the same program and he becomes the teacher’s pet, and star dancer, gathering the student body ire. While trying to remain aloof Kurt tries to steer Blaine clear of the manipulations of classmates, as had happened to Kurt his freshman year. He also takes Blaine dancing in a club and they ultimately get together. Kurt is named understudy to Blaine’s lead and doesn't tell Blaine, and sincerely helps Blaine prepare and improve in the role. Blaine finds out the other students are working to bring him down and thinks that Kurt is a part of it. They ultimately work it out and get back together. Also, I think Kurt’s first love isn't dance, he’s just good at it so he stays with it to be able to perform.


Title: You Could Be Happy