September 3rd, 2013

nicki minaj

Single Dad Kurt (with endgame Klaine) recs

I'd love any recs (completed stories only) for stories which feature Kurt as a single dad (whether it be from loss of his partner, divorce, or a teenage pregnancy during his flannel phase), with a happy endgame of Klaine. If Blaine's a single/divorced dad, that's fine too.

I would prefer stories that do not have explicit cheating or mpreg. Smut is fine, though, as is angst with a happy ending.

Many thanks! :)

Edited to add: I've read or at least checked out all of the recs from Kurt/Blaine as Dad and Blaine/Baby Fic. (So if you're also looking for single dad!Kurt or single dad!Blaine, you can check those out.)

Specific Kurt Fanfiction Search

Hello, There has been a specific fanfiction I have been looking for. I think it was after Silly Love Songs or Blame It On The Alcohol, and Kurt started sleeping around, and it went to the point where Kurt got addicted to it. Blaine found out and got worried so he spoke to the dalton counselor about Kurt's 'activities'. I think Kurt kept a journal too, but I might be mixing up fanfictions. I can't remember if it was completed or not, I think Blaine and Kurt got together, but I can't remember that either. I put friendship in the theme tag, because I think it mostly focused on friendship. Thank you in advance everyone. :)

Puckurt Fic

I'm looking for a fic that i read on

I don't remember much, i remember,

Puck came out to his mum and she kicked him out he was living in his truck, he was leaving school early one day and Santana followed him out to his truck (Noone knows he is homeless and living in his truck) and as they was talking she looked inside his truck and saw his clothes and the empty takeaway wrappers, then a little later he is in a junk yard asleep in his truck and Burt takes Carol there because Burt loves the place and he always goes there, Carol tells Burt that he can take Kurt and Finn there now, Burt told Carol that he took Kurt there once when he was younger and he said his first word there, it was 'Dirty' and Kurt started crying and Burt hasn't taken Kurt back since, then Carol spots Pucks truck and she finds out that he is living in his truck because while carol was talking to Puck, Burt was looking in his truck and he saw all his clothes and takeaway wrappers, when Burt asks Puck, Puck says that his mum kicked him out and he is homeless cause he has no where else to go, so Carol says Puck has to go and stay with them because he shouldn't be living in his truck and after some convincing from Carol Burt agrees, Puck goes home with the Hudson-Hummels, but Finn still hasn't gotten over Puck's betrayal with sleeping with Quinn so he isn't happy when Puck comes in with Burt and Carol.