August 26th, 2013

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Found: Finn accidentally hits Rachel after baby reveal


I'm looking for a fic that took place in season 1. Finn's just found out that Puck is the baby's father, and storms out of the room. For whatever reason, Rachel has followed after him. He turns around quickly and ends up smacking her accidentally because she was closer than he thought she was.

I don't remember the exchange, but she goes back to the choir room, and the glee members what are there are pretty shocked and angry with Finn. But Rachel is like, "why do you care?" (I'm pretty certain she even asks that.) And then, if I can recall correctly, the club shuns Finn (but he's still part of the club).

I think it might be Faberry, because I read a lot of Faberry, but I honestly can't recall enough of the fic to remember if there is a pairing.


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Kurtofsky, Blaine reacts badly

Kurt and Blaine have broken up.  Kurt is then seeing Dave.  Blaine goes to Kurt's house and tries to get back with him.  He backs Kurt up against the wall and won't take no for an answer.  Kurt knees him in the crotch and kicks him out.  Finn witness all this and texts Dave something to the effect of  "Dude, Kurt just kicked Anderson in the nuts and tossed him out of the house."  And Dave gets a bit turned on by this

Kurt isolated at Dalton

Hi. I'm looking for fics where Kurt transfers to Dalton without meeting Blaine before, and he isn't understood at all. He's emotionally ostrasized, because he isn't in the same tax bracket as them, or something, and then when they find out about his past, they're all really sorry, and everything?
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Klaine age difference, Finn

I wanted to know if there were any fics where Blaine and some of the Warblers are Finn's friends, and when they visited last, Kurt is 14 and baby-faced, and when they visit again, Kurt is hugely successful in NY and absolutely gorgeous?
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