August 24th, 2013


Hi! I was looking for a fic where Blaine and Kurt know each other since Kurt was a little boy and Blaine used to babysit him(there's a bit of a age gap, but not a really big one)Blaine was really close to Burt,too. When they're older Blaine is living in NY where he's become a famous singer. Blaine starts struggling with alcohol and somehow,I don't remember, Burt finds out he's having a problem and he moves back to Ohio where he found a grown up Kurt. Happy Klaine ending.
I'm not really sure about the babysitting part because I read it ages ago and I may be confusing it with other stories. It was a really good one and I can't find it anywhere, please help me!

Specific Kurt at Dalton Fanfiction

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am looking for a specific fanfiction with Kurt at Dalton, and of the warblers, I think his name may have been either Brandon or Justin, called Kurt a slut/whore and Blaine got pissed off, tackled Brandon/Justin/Whatever his name was, and either punched him or was going to punch him in the face. Sorry if this is too vague. Thank you.
I also tagged this as bullying because of the name calling and Blaine attacking Brandon/Justin/Whoever he was.
Chris Colfer, Kurt Hummel

Kurt not so lovesick

Hey everyone!
I'm looking for some fics where Kurt isn't as lovesick as he is on the show. He has to be more 'cool', if you can call it that. Kurt and Blaine can still get together, but either Blaine is in love with Kurt or Blaine isn't as oblivious. It also just can be develop slowly. It has to on Dalton and obviously Klaine.