August 17th, 2013

FOUND Specific werewolves!klaine fic

So I remember reading a while ago a fic where Blaine and Kurt are both werewolves and are sort of in the same pack - the alphas (or doms?) all live in this big house on top of a hill while all the subs live in a compound near the woods at the bottom of the hill. They're sorted at birth and then they grow up in the house or compound and don't meet anyone from the other until they're of age. I think Emma Pillsbury was in charge of the sub compound and I'm fairly sure that Kurt had grown up there. I can vaguely remember them all sleeping in a big puppy pile. Anyway, Blaine turns old enough to choose a mate from the subs compound and I think he accidentally bumps into Kurt and of course decides to pick him. Then a little while later Kurt gets taken up to the big house and he has to mate with Blaine but he's scared so Blaine reassures him and then they mate? I think. And eventually Kurt really likes being Blaine's mate. Sorry I can't remember all the details!

If anyone knows what this fic is/who wrote it, please tell me! Thank you :)