August 16th, 2013

cake or death

Faberry - Mr Schue ruining everyone's chances and dislikes Rachel

I'm looking for what I'm fairly certain is a Faberry fic.

All I remember is it's a Glee meeting, and Mister Schue is talking, and Rachel turns to (likely) Quinn and says, "Watch this" and then raises her hand and says "Mr. Schue!" and then starts to make a valid suggestion either about song choice, or him trying to ruin her/the club's chances. I THINK she was trying to get him to start to prepare for Regionals or Nationals instead of waiting until a week before. He reacts badly and brushes off her suggestions/comments.

What is sticking out is that Rachel is amused but resigned to the way he treats her, hence the "Watch this".

Anyway, I'd really appreciate any help. I think it was a longer fic.