July 26th, 2013

  • lemurp

Kurt and Blaine slavefic

I'm looking for a fic I read a few years ago. I remember very few details, but what I do remember is Blaine is bought as a slave in the Hudmel household. I think Burt purchases him. I also remember in one of the opening seen's Blaine is in Finn's room because he presumes Finn is a slave too and freaks out when he finds out he's not. Really want to find this fic. Any help would be appreciated. :)

Missing Kurtbastian Fic

Hi! I'm trying to find a Kurtbastian fic called Ohana Means Family by thelexicupcake. In the story, Kurt is dating Blaine and finds out that Sebastian has a son. As he gets closer to Sebastian and his son, he breaks up with Blaine. It becomes sort of like a co-parenting fic and it's super cute! The problem is that thelexicupcake's tumblr is gone but I really want to read this again!! Thanks in advance for any help.