July 25th, 2013

Chris Colfer, Kurt Hummel

Klaine Breakup

Hey everyone!
I'm looking for some fics, where Klaine breakup and the warblers is on Kurt's side.
I don't want them to get back together, but they can do it. But if he could get together with one of the warblers, another person or not even get together with anyone it could be nice.
They can still go at Dalton or they can go at McKinley.
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Kurt and Blaine age difference, Married Kurt

I am looking for an age difference fic, Kurt is at first mentioned to have dated Chandler, he then goes on to cheat on Chandler with a much older Adam. However a few years into his and Adam's relationship Kurt meets Blaine, he meets him when he stops Sebastian from taking his and Blaine's relationship to a step Blaine isn't ready for. They are together and Blaine gives Kurt his first time, why Kurt is still married to Adam. Near the end Blaine finishes with Kurt because he doesn't believe Kurt will ever leave Adam. Kurt does leave Adam, but doesn't seem Blaine again until around 3 years later he is a designer and designs suits for Cooper's wedding and he sees Blaine again, it ended with Blaine offering to go out for a meal with Kurt. I remember loads of the details but didn't bookmark the fic itself and when i realized felt like screaming.