July 15th, 2013

Finn Recs and Finn/Kurt recs

I guess I'll be the first one to do it. Glee's Cory Monteith is dead. I was shocked to find out and I'm sad. SO I want Finn recs. Completed works that could feature awesome brother Finn or bestfriend finn. I want fics where Finn shines. I want the best completed Finn fanfiction staring finn; slash, het, gen, anything. It would be awesome to see fics about Finn (Cory's) death, completed please.

By the way I couldn't help but think of All-american boy by Steve Grand when thinking of Finn and Kurt so I would also like to see some Kurt/Finn fics slash if possible. Completed please. All-American boy's video and song is like a Furt's anthem.

Blaine has a migraine headache

Hello! I read this story once where Blaine had bad migraine headaches caused from Sadie Hawkins. In the story that I am looking for, the headache lasted a few and Cooper and Blaine's mother had no choice but to take him to the ER. In the ambulance, they requested that they did not use the lights or anything because it was hurting Blaine. I think in the end, they found out that he actually had a tumor.

Does anyone know of this story? It was a Klaine story as well.

specific fic search - Kurt/Blaine, Blaine is Finn's friend in college

Originally a GKM fill, and I'm pretty sure one of the kinks was (a small) age difference. Blaine is Finn's best friend/roommate in college and Kurt is still in high school. Blaine comes over to the Hummel-Hudson's during Thanksgiving and Christmas and eventually he and Kurt start dating. I'm pretty sure they keep it a secret at first. They possibly start doing ~sexy thing~ before they officially start dating - it might have started off as Blaine leading Kurt through sexual experiences?

EDIT: I remembered it! Restraint by scarlettfire on FF.net.
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Specific fics: homophobic-ish Burt after Grilled Cheesus

So there are two fics, one Kinn and one Puckurt.

Kinn: After the heart attack, Burt doesn't remember Kurt at all. The Barole relationship never happened in S1, so Burt and Finn don't know each other. Finn realizes somehow (don't remember how) that Kurt is living with his homophobic/verbally abusive father. And now that I'm typing it out, I can't actually confirm there was romantic Kinn in it, but I'm pretty sure there is. Sorry! FOUND!

Puckurt: Post heart attack Burt remembers Kurt, but Burt is really homophobic towards Kurt. Puck finds out somehow but I don't remember how. I know it's really vague but it's all I remember.