July 12th, 2013


Looking for a specific Glee + Doctor Who crossover

I've just recently got back into reading crossovers after months getting all my fanfic needs filled by the kink meme funneled directly into my inbox and I'm struggling to find one specific fic that I vaguely remember.

The basic plot is that Kurt Hummel is the son of Jenny, a clone of Doctor Who from the episode 'The Doctors Daughter'. The first chapter is introducing Jenny and refers to 'a whole lot of running to do' but she found herself running after little Kurt instead. Then she dies and we get to the Doctor and Donna arriving in Lima, Ohio thinking they were going to Lima, Peru and getting a lift from Burt and Carol who happen to be driving by.

I distinctly remember Burt responding to the 'Doctor who?', 'No, just the doctor,' thing by asking 'Who are you then, The Nurse?' to Donna and then the Doctor and Donna first seeing Kurt during cheerleading practice when the kids are forming a pyramid.

Any help finding this story would be awesome. I've looked all over fanfic.net and an archive of our own but I can't seem to track it down...

FOUND! Kurt at Dalton - Assaulted by Sebastian?

Hi, looking for a specific fic where I remember Kurt transferred to Daltob and he and Blaine started dating. I think there was a party and Sebastian tried to sexually assault Kurt? I remember the story was quite long and I think was on fanfiction.net but I can't seem to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Also, if anyone knows any good fics that involve Kurt transferring to Dalton and recs would be awesome :) I like most pairings.