July 8th, 2013

Kurt/husband who didn't realize he screwed up recs

I want recs with Kurt having a husband or dating someone who is working too much or is too forget or takes Kurt for granted and doesn't realize it.  Kurt is either about to leave, has left, or is super depressed. THe guy realizes what an idiot he is and does is very best or better to make thing right.

Kurt school model vogue and school Blaine (badboy?)

Hi - looking for the fiction where Kurt and his dad leave Paris to settle back in Lima. Kurt is a part time model for vogue (Unique is his manager/friend). He meets Blaine at school - possibly a badboy?
Kurt loves wearing dresses/heels - very girly.
In one chapter Blaine and Kurt model together.

Please hope someone has read this as I'm sure I have and really can't remember the name
coney island

FOUND! Sort of multiverse dream-ish fic?

So just recently I read luckyjak's multiverse fic and it reminded me of another I read a while back that was sooort of similar, like it ended up with Kurt forgiving Blaine and it's sort of dreamlike, like at one point they're like "oh, we're skanks and  suddenly we're under the bleachers?  What?" and I think there are other Kurt Blaine tropes (like maybe nerd and badboy and such).  Like I think Kurt realises it's happening because it is time to forgive.  Maybe there's a part where they're like "wait we don't smoke" or maybe it's just one of them.  So it's sort of like luckyjak's but a bit more serious.  Like when I first started reading luckyjak's fic I thought at first it was actually that other one and then I realised it wasn't.  I thought I'd saved it but it turns out I didn't.  Or I probably saved it in not an easy to find place.

Anyway I would love you forever if you know what on earth I am talking about. :D