July 2nd, 2013


Kurt sleepwalking & Finn carrying

After two separate fics -

1 - Kurt had an issue with sleepwalking and I think had an episode whilst in New York with ND. Might have been a oneshot or part of something longer - I don't remember.
2 - The second was called something like '5 times Finn carried Kurt and 1 time...' the sequence was of Finn having to carry Kurt because of various things.

Know these are really vague, but if anyone could help that'd be amazing.


1 Specific Kurtofsky & 1 Specific Puckurt Fic

I cannot remember enough of these two fics to find them on my own, so I could really use the help!

1) Kurtofksy: All I remember of this story is that something happened between Kurt and Blaine (before they started dating) that lead to Kurt and Dave having sex in a hotel room. Blaine calls Kurt and doesn't believe him when Kurt tells him where he's at. I think Kurt and Dave decide to start dating.

2) Puckurt: For this story, all I remember is Kurt in the hospital and something about the song Tell My Father by John Barrowman.

Thanks in advance to any and all help!!

EDIT: The second fic has been found! It's Caught The Last Train To Martyrdom Around 2 AM by emo-geek-87.
EDIT 2: After long hours and many tears, I found the first fic! :) It's Wanted by longing2fly.

Kurt thinks Blaine is breaking up with him during 'it's not right but it's okay' and recs


I am looking for Fics where Kurt thinks Blaine is breaking up with him when Blaine sings 'It's not right but it's okay'. I've read a few but thanks to my laptop crashing again I lost them..


if you could rec me some fics where the glee club thinks Kurt is cheating on Blaine while Kurt is not, that would be really nice thank you :-)

(mods: I hope my tags are okay? I was a bit unsure...)

Finn/kurt au

Hi! I'm looking for a fic I read ages ago on fanfic.net where Finn gets injured in a football match and kurt helps him and goes to hospital with him etc. They end up dating although Rachel thinks they are in competition.

That's pretty much all I can remember, apart from I'm sure it was pretty long at least 40 chapters or so? Anyway I've gone through all my bookmarks and I can't find it, as well as fanfic.net with various search options, but no luck. So yeah, thanks for any help!