June 29th, 2013

glee finders by debris_k

quick mod announcement: new tag

To end the confusion of which gender character tag Wade Adams AKA Unique goes under, there's now a character: Unique - Wade Adams tag. \o/

And before you ask why no other new Glee members have character tags as well it's because not a single of them has been featured in 5 posts so far (only 3 each, often overlapping in the same posts). As soon as they become more searched for, they will get tags of their own, but not sooner.

That is all. Back to new tag wrangling on a very limited time allowance, oy vey.
Cue headless chicken.

Hurt!Kurt fic.

I'm looking for a fic - set somewhere season 1/2 since Blaine isn't in it - where Kurt is at the graveyard visiting his mom(? could be something else as well) and he's chased/attacked - and result is that he falls into an open grave and someone finds him later. I desperately want to find this again.

Edit: FOUND. Finding Home by rofro05

Hi, I'm looking for a specific fic

Like I said I'm looking for a specific fic, What I remember is that Puck and Kurt were in a camp for teens who  interested in politics   (they don't met before) and in some point they work together for sue Election campaign  (I think Kurt is the one who convinced puck to work for sue)
it's a puck\kurt slash.

I can not find it and I desperately want to read it again......if you find it I'll thank you forever.