June 26th, 2013

Glee/Harry Potter AU, Kurt Au

I'm looking for a fic which I am pretty sure was written by LucySaxonWrites, but now I can't find on the fanfic website anywhere!

Anyway, basically Harry Black falls in love with Kurt, only to find out he is going to be his English teacher, and Harry's godson Teddy is pretty big in the plot as well I think. Blaine is mentioned but told to back off by Harry, and Blaine somehow knows Harry is magic and saved the world etc.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help in advance!

FOUND! Link is in comments

2 Rec Requests

Hi! I have two requests for recs:

1. Fics with any of the following: Bashing of New Directions characters, except Kurt. Unkindness will be accepted as well.

2. Fics with Kurt/Matt/Mike or Kurt/Mike or Kurt/Matt.

I would prefer not to be linked any alexacardew, gleefulmusings, or stacieneversleeps, because I've read all their stuff that I'm interested in.

Thank you!

bp!Kurt has sex with his dogs!?!?

Sounds absolutely absurd I know!it was a crack fic I read somewhere a few weeks back and tried to find it again to show a friend but cannot find it any where!

Basically it's bp!Kurt who has two dogs (can't remember breeds of names!) and Burt wants to get them castrated but kurt doesn't have the heart to remove their manhood so says he will help them run off the extra steam and give them extra walks and things!

Instead he actually lets them have sex with him!

If anyone has read this and knows where I can find it I'd be grateful!