June 18th, 2013

Klaine specific search, might already have been found here

Hello lovelies!

I'm looking for a fic that may have been found here already, but because my computer won't cooperate, I simply can't find it.

It's' a D/s AU where Kurt has been categorised as a switch, and Blainers is a sub. Kurt tranfers to Dalton, which is a rehabilitating school thing for abused subs. I remember Blaine was in a claim with a very abusive Master prior to the story, and that's why he's there.

There's a lot of therapy sessions involved, and Kurt and Blaine ends in a claim, because Kurt wasn't a switch after all. I also remember that Blaine had a rough time when a healthy D/s claim was demonstrated.

I hope my tags are right! Thanks in advance. (:

FOUND: link in the comments

rock festival!au

hey there,

i was wondering, is there possibly anywhere any rock festival / festival camping au stories ? i don't know about you guys behind the great atlantic, but here in europe we have these huge weekend festivals where people go with tents and loads of booze, get drunk, see bands, dance in mud, hang out with strangers, forget to sleep and finally pass out in your neighbor tent. also one big part is usually find so called " festival romance " and have good time over the weekend with her or him.

it would be really nice indeed to find story where blaine and kurt goes through this kind of festival romance, finds each others somewhere at the camping site and then sleep in a same sleeping bag, get drunk and go see some good bands, idk, anything. too bad this might be a little unusual au, so if none of you don't know any this kind of stories, someone should really write one !


Damanged Kurt and Blaine

I'm looking for an AU Klaine. It's really long and most likely on FFN. Kurt has been beat up (offscreen) and his mind regressed to that of a child. Burt send him to a place that take care of damaged people during the day and they go home in the afternoon. Blaine is already there and keeps to himself. I think he refuses to speak and just sit in the corner reading everyday. Of course they are drawn to each other and start to help each other heal. The very slowly fall in love.

I remember that even after Kurt gets better, he sometimes have relapses. He refers to himself as "little" when that happens.

Thanks for any help.
Chris Colfer, Kurt Hummel

Blaine is an idiot!

Hey Everyone!
I'm looking for fics, where Blaine is an idiot. Where he just uses him, or/and cheats on him. It can also be where he leads Kurt on. It can be before or after they got together it happen. Because in the first months knowing each other, he was leading Kurt on a lot.
Kurt should then be saved/helped by another person(s). I would most like if it's one from Dalton who helps him. (He could be at Dalton). But some from New direction could also help.