June 12th, 2013

Dark!Blaine fics

So I'm sure by now most of you have read, or at least heard of, A Political Romance/A Legal Romance and the rest of her brilliant writings... I'm looking for something similar, I guess? Something with dark!Blaine, and please please please be Klaine. Can be d/s or not, can be slave au or other. Really anything, but I want Blaine to predominantly be possessive and somewhat a little but not completely manipulative? I have weird desires, just go with it. Any recs?

klaine fics (at dalton)

1. the first fic I'm looking for is a specific one: I remember it has Kurt coming to Dalton in different circumstances than canon. He is incredibly shy and because of that rumors circulate and he is disliked in the beginning. He upsets someone (nick or Jeff I think) and that results in him meeting the rest of the Warblers and eventually gaining courage and strength. it was eventual klaine. FOUND! LINK IN COMMENTS

2. my second request is for any suggestions you have where Kurt has been damaged in some away (abuse, non-con, bullying, anything) and comes to Dalton to escape/recover. I prefer Klaine. Basically any recovery fics would be nice really.

3. are there any fics where kurt self harms or is suicidal? especially where blaine or people from new directions comfort him. additional bonus if santana or sue are involved.


(also please let me know if my tags are wrong or if i should add anything)

Klaine fanfics


I hope somebody can help me, I search 3 story. I read them before but I can't found them.

1. It was a Dalton fic, if I remember well it was complete. So the story: Kurt and Blaine is together but thew are busy and Jeff (i think) thinks that they are broke up. He tells this to David and Wes too. They decided to help them, like they send kurt flowers. IN the end they confronted them, and Klaine tells them they are not fighting, and everything all right.

2. It was a Klaine fic too. Kurt is back in Mckinley and Blaine, Jeff (and some other Warbler) decided to the a chek up. So they go to visit him. When they enter the school Kurt just got a shlushi. They go to the bathroom and help him cleaning up. I remember that Blaine is mad because Kurt said he is safe before.

3. It was similar story too. I am not sure that Kaline is on or not. But I remember that a few Warbler include blaine jeff nick david and nick tell kurt that mckinley not bad and they survived it easily. THey make a deal and the warbler go to mckinley for a few week( i think).

/I hope I do right tags/