June 10th, 2013

Blaine alone

Specific Darren/Chris RPF Story

It's a recent story, and I thought I'd book marked it. I'm fairly certain it was at Archive of Our Own.

Darren works under his middle name as a peep show artist on the internet. Chris is still in high school and finds his website. They correspond and then meet up in real life.

Thank you.

(no subject)

Not sure if I'm doing this right but I am trying to find a story I started reading last year. Its main character was Dave and he ends up in a relationship with Sam. Sam works at a car wreckers (I think) and from memory doesn't go to the school. The story at the start involves Sam helping Dave find an old motorbike to fix up. I think the story also involved Dave and Kurt forming a friendship but I may be wrong.

Object of desire

Y'know, while I am a huge fan of strong and confident Kurt, I'm getting a little tired of him always being the pursuer. I would like to read some fics where someone is chasing Kurt. In a healthy way, darn it. No stalkers or non-con. I would really, really like to see a fic where some guys are actually competing for his affection. Like the Artie/Sugar/Rory thing, only with Kurt as the object of the pursuit. B/c, darnit, he's gorgeous! I would also accept fics where his attractiveness is commented upon.

Not interested in death fics or fics where Kurt ends up with Will or Burt or Finn. Threeways are acceptable if they are done believably.

Oh - the 3way reminded me! I read a couple where Kurt ends up w/Sam and Santana - are there any where his exception is Tina and he ends up fused w/Asian? With Chang squared, I mean. :)

Ooops. I was so busy trying not to go on an anti-Anderson rant, I forgot to mention no Klaine. So, so sorry. I do appreciate the quick response, though. I'll probably read them later, when I'm out of my Hobbit-hating funk. Thank you.