June 6th, 2013

Klaine Adopts All Their Friend's Babies

I'm looking for a future fic that begins with Klaine at a New York(?) nightclub and run into Brittnay. She is pregnant but doesn't seen aware of it. She gives birth that night and is convinced the baby is meant for Kurt and Blaine which is why they ran into each other. She put Kurt's name as the father, then takes off. The boys of course adopt the baby. And that's where the fic takes off and goes off the rails. Each chapter is about them somehow adoping all their friend's babies. Next is Rachel who got together again with Jesse and realised her mistake. Then Puck and some girl. Then Brittnay again. Than Cooper. I may be missing a few friends.

It may sound like crack, but somehow it's not (much).

Thanks for any help. Hope I got the tags correct.

Blind!Kurt? Dark!Blaine

Hi, I'm looking for a dark!Klaine fic where Kurt is blind, Klaine are established and live together, and Blaine starts taking advantage of his dissability by lettitng people pay to sit in their bedroom and watch them have sex without Kurt realising. And I think Finn finds out about it and tells Burt and they tell Kurt and bring him home.

Kurt Hummel - Witness Protection Program

So I'm looking for a fic from a loooooong time ago. It was written by an anon on the glee_angst_meme.

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klaine baby fic: surrogate reneges

I am looking for a Klaine story I read recently. It opens with K&B coming home after an emotional, hard event; turns out their surrogate (who was Blaine's best friend and incidentally, a surgeon)had a miscarriage. She then leaves the state to recover/start over (or something). Turns out she didn't miscarry she simply had a change of heart regarding giving 'her' baby away. K&B, who I think were in a touring company of a show, ran into the surrogate in SF and realized she was still pregnant. Angst ensues and Kurt ultimately calls Blaine's estranged father, a lawyer, to help them fight for custody of their child. Mr A is eager for the chance to make amends and reconcile with Blaine. Also he has a new wife who also happens to be a great attorney and she is the one who ultimately represents the boys in the custody suit.

I'm drawing a complete blank on author/title. I thought I had saved but can't find it anywhere. I thought it was on FF.N but I can't find it there either. In unrelated news, how do you folks keep organized access to stories you would likely want to refer back to? Is there a more appropriate place for that question?
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I have been trying to find a klaine fic I read a few months ago. Sadly I could not recall if it was in lj, ao3, scarvesandcoffee or somewhere else.

What I could remember were:
- it was a future au
- set in NYC
- they have decided to have a child and tried adoption first. Through an agency they found this teenager girl who wanted to get her baby adopted. Everything was set, however when the girl gave birth she changed her mind within a month. Kurt and blaine was definitely heartbroken so as the rest of the glee gang.
- however, a few months/years the adoption agency found this baby. There was some complication with the baby as the mother was a drug user and heavily used drugs when she was pregnant. The baby was definitely sick at first but I'm pretty sure the baby got better.

I have been trying to find this in my bookmarks but sadly my organisation skills is sorely lacking.

Please help me find this fic!

Thanks in advance.