June 2nd, 2013

Looking for a specific CRISSCOLFER fic!

so, I’m looking for this fic:

I remember it being in 3 installments (or chapters, Im not sure). The first part, they're in a tent?! I think. Anyway, something happens but they decide it wouldn’t work. And there is a dressing room, too, I think.

What I remember the most, though, is the  3rd part. It's called “Stay”, I think. They see each other at a party, long after glee stopped being a thing. Darren’s with a girl and Chris assumes they’re dating so he leaves. When he gets to his hotel room there’s a knock on the door and Darren’s there. Chris asks how he found him and darren says he followed him there. (something about having followed him for years and for some blocks?!)  And Chris goes ” You waited.” and Darren’s “I waited.”

they make love and afterwards Chris says “Stay, please - just, stay.

I'm not sure whether it was deleted or not, though!

Rpf and switched

HI I'm looking for the following fics:

1. Any fics that have the cast of glee meet the characters they are playing.

2. There was this fic I read a while ago that was had the guys from glee hang out in Chris' trailer (i think) and then they started talking about who the ship Kurt with.

3. Any fics where Kurt meets or swap places with his younger self.

Thank you!!
Chris Colfer, Kurt Hummel

Puck visit

Hey everyone!
I'm looking for some fics, where Puck visits Kurt at Dalton and The warblers/Dalton is surprised that they know each other.
It can also just be where Puck visits Kurt at Dalton. There dont have to be surprised warblers/dalton :)
They don't have to be together, they can also just be friends :)

I have read "Punk on Campus"

Thank you!