May 28th, 2013

Break-in at Auto Shop; Kurt kidnapped

I'm looking for a fic where Kurt and Burt are closing up the auto shop and two men break-in and end up kidnapping Kurt. They take him to a hotel and rape him. I believe they have another young girl there. Kurt is somehow able to get away. Thanks!

kurt gets forced to go camping by the ND guys

All I remember is the ND guys (Finn and Puck are the two I remember clearly) deciding that Kurt needed to loosen up and "kidnap" him to go camping. They think nothing of this, but Kurt freaks out and says something like "what was I suppose to think, do you know what happens to gays who get dragged out the forest" alluding to gays being dragged away from public areas to be beaten and killed. That is all I remember, help?!

Also, Mods, I have never done this before so can you let me know what/if I posted incorrectly?

Wow! That was quick, thanks guys.

Kurt/Blaine future fic

Hey! I read once a story of Kurt and Blaine, future, but can't remember the name, nor can I find it. Blaine and Kurt have been together for years...nine or ten I think, and Kurt has been busy with work and stuff, and Blaine feels neglected. Blaine feels more of a roommate then a boyfriend and after an argument with Kurt, he walks out leaving a note. Blaine goes to stay at a hotel and Kurt promises to work on their relationship. While Blaine is staying at the hotel he and Kurt keep exchanging letters back and forth, an action that Kurt hates, but is doing so to show Blaine how much he cares. Cooper shows up at the hotel, and I think he is the one that encourages Blaine to talk to Kurt? In the end they get back together, and there is an epilogue, set four years after, that shows the couple happily married.

Anyone know which fic is this? I think I read it on Thanks!

Kurtbastian future!fic

Hey! I'm looking for any fics involving Kurt and Sebastian together in the future:
- With them married or engaged
- With them being domestic
- With them as parents
- With them attending Warbler/ND reunion together
- Really, any future fic envolving Kurtbastian would be awesome.

Thank you!

Kurt/Blaine future fic, au fic

Hey! I was wondering if anyone heard of this story. I read it once, but forgot it's name and can't find it anywhere...pretty sure I read it on

Kurt met a girl in college, and eventually married her and they were expecting a baby together. The baby was born, but the mother, his wife died. His daughter had some kind of condition and he took her for treatment at Blaine's clinic or sort. The two hit it off, and I think Blaine used music to approach Kurt's daughter? Mercedes was also part of the story, and Kurt had some sort of meltdown when he realized he may be falling if love with Blaine. He still maintained touch with his late wife's parents. Klaine endgame.

Thank you!