May 27th, 2013

Age difference Kurbastian or Seblaine or basically any Sebastian/other pairing

I'm looking for any age difference fics that involve Sebastian. I prefer him being paired with either Kurt or Blaine and that he be the older one, but I'm not picky. For age difference I would prefer at least 10 years older although I would also love anything with like a freshman/senior or highschooler/collegestudent pairing too. And anything with a Daddy kink or with Sebastian being really seductive and suave would be a plus!!! I have tried the sebklaine website and the glee kink meme but haven't found much... anybody have some fic or places I could find it?

Klaine Future!Fic

I read a fic a month or two back. It was a future!Klaine fic in which they moved into a house (or an apartment) after Blaine graduated high school and started college. Kurt worked on cars in his free time. Another thing I remember was that they moved next door or across the road from a older gay couple who they befriended straight away and I think their was a lesbian couple as well (but I'm not entirely sure).

OOOH! And also the glee club members came to stay for a housewarming party and their neighbors offered to have some of them stay over because Klaine didn't have enough room in their house/apartment.
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Klaine and Performer!Blaine fic search

Hi everyone! I'm looking for this Klaine fic where Blaine is a performer (I'm pretty sure he's a famous singer) and at his final concert on tour Kurt comes on stage to sing a duet with him and the fans know they are together and are cheering and very supportive. I think the author had a setlist/fan made album cover of all the songs Blaine released, some of them from Darren's real songs, and other ones that Klaine wrote together in the fic. I think most or all of the fic is established!Klaine. Kurt is also a fashion designer from what I recall and one of his lines was called Klisses by KH (though I'm not too sure about that, it might be from a different fic altogether).

If anyone could help it would be much appreciated! This has been bugging me for days haha

Puck in the military specific fic search

I'm looking for a fic where Rachel teaches music at a local university and has a daughter, and meets Puck at a bar one night when she goes there with Tina, Kurt and Quinn. I think it takes place in North Carolina. Puck is in the military with Finn, and after he starts dating Rachel, he is deployed. Also, Finn is married to Brittany, and they have children that Puck babysits.

Stripper!Kurt recs + specific fic

I'm looking for any good stripper!kurt fics, any pairing.
But also 1 specific one I remember that Kurt was a stripper in Lima and it was Klaine, but Sebastian was in it and he hit on Kurt all the time and Kurt goes to a club with him, and Burt finds out about Kurt's occupation in it and tries to make him quit but he won't?

Kurt and Carole bonding

I'm looking for any story that features Kurt and Carole bonding ... especially if Carole is mothering Kurt! I'm also looking for a specific Kurt/Carole story. Don't remember many details, just that the two of them are home together and there's a big storm (maybe a tornado) and Carole is very protective of Kurt. I think at one point she even makes him lay down on the floor and lays on top of him.