May 13th, 2013

Kurt plays piano, closet full of sheet music

Hi! I'm looking for this fic where the glee club is split into groups of three, each with a person that can play an instrument. Kurt plays piano and he has a closet full of sheet music. I think the people in his group are Matt and Mike, but I could be wrong. I'm fairly certain that this is/was on FFN and the summary was a quote from the story. I'm also pretty sure that it doesn't have character tags, but again, I could be wrong. I've been driving myself insane looking for this, so if you could find it, you would have my eternal gratitude.

Thank you!

Looking for a Mafia/Gangster Klaine fic and Mafia/Gangster/Dark(possessive)Rich guy Kurt/anyone recs

The first fic I'm looking for is a fic where blaine is a mobster or a gangster and he's very rich. Kurt is dating blaine and they meet all the time at some club. Kurt becomes pregnant and he runs away. Blaine finds him and takes him back... It's rather dark and very, very exciting. 

I'm looking for fics where Kurt is dating anyone involved or in the Mafia or is a gangster or perhaps men who are dark and rich; who are not afraid to make things happen just because they can: possessive guys work just as well. I'm looking for really sexy recs. I'm not that into recs where Kurt is dating the person to help his dad who is in the hospital because I think I've read them all but I'll take any new fic, or at least ones that came out after january 2013.